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Automating an Xcode app version

Previously we showed how we can build Xcode applications on the CLI. In this post, we will look at how to automate setting the version of our application so we can release new versions using CI.

— 26 Sep 2022 mac swift xcode

Building Xcode applications on the CLI for personal distribution

I recently started to automate the build and release of OctoBlast using Github Actions. In this post, I will show you how to build your application on the command line.

— 25 Sep 2022 mac swift xcode

Part II - Integrating Keycloak OIDC with our Envoy API Gateway

Integration with Keycloak using the OpenId Connect protocol to allow the gateway to handle user authentication.

— 31 May 2021 envoy gateway keycloak oidc

Part I - Implementing an API Gateway using Envoy

We'll be using Envoy to implement an API gateway as a single entry point to our upstream services which will sit behind it. By default Envoy's settings are tailored for the service mesh use case.

— 20 May 2021 envoy gateway keycloak

Tracking a memory leak using .NET tools

Previously, we looked at some tools we can use to collect a memory dump file which can be used for analysis. This posts follows on from that one. Let's continue.

— 24 Feb 2021 debugging dotnet

Debugging Docker containers running .NET

Ever had a memory leak and wanted to diagnose it? Luckily there are some free tools from Microsoft that you can install and use!

— 22 Feb 2021 debugging docker dotnet

Building Blazor WebAssembly project with Docker in .NET 5

Blazor is a new ASP.NET framework feature which lets you build interactive web applications. Currently there isn't any Visual Studio IDE option for Docker and WebAssembly only hosted projects. But we can get around this by creating our own Dockerfile to build the project and serve the static files using nginx.

— 11 Dec 2020 blazor docker dotnet

MassTransit Consumer configuration in .NET 5

In this post I'll show how to register a consumer using the AddConsume() method and have a separate class for the consumer definition so it can be configured individually.

— 23 Nov 2020 dotnet mass-transit messaging rabbitmq

IHostedService in .NET Core

Let's have a look and understand the relationship between IHostedService and IHost and how we can use them in our solutions.

— 23 July 2020 dotnet hosted-services

The Software Architect

What is an architect? Let's look at an often liberally applied term and distill it into what it actually means.

— 23 July 2020 architecture

Using the Claim Check pattern

This pattern was originally defined in the book "Enterprise Integration Patterns". In a nutshell, it is persisting message data in a store and passing a reference in the message payload.

— 22 Jun 2020 integration-patterns messaging

2019 Microservices Retrospective

A look back at implementing microservices in 2019.

— 06 Jan 2020 microservices